Night of the Living Dip


  • 1 loaf unsliced dense bread (we used a cheesy loaf)
  • 1 regular breadstick
  • 2 batches of Steeped Tea's Spinach Dip Seasoning, prepared
  • Decoration: 1 clean plastic toy skeleton
  • Dippers: baby carrots; bell pepper strips; sugar snap peas; cucumber slices
  • 2 six inch bamboo skewers and some toothpicks
  • Optional: top with sliced green onion


  1. Using bread knife, horizontally slice through top third of bread loaf, keeping top of bread attached along the long side opposite you. Raise lid three-quarters open and insert a skewer through the bottom part of the loaf. Place bread lid through skewers, allowing it to rest open. Cut top of skewers from top of bread lid.
  2. Following the edges of the loaf, cut out a ½ inch deep rectangle from the middle of the loaf. Carefully discard bread from inside the rectangle, leaving a ½ inch bread wall on all sides.
  3. Use tooth picks to attach breadstick handle to front of the bread coffin.
  4. Place toy skeleton inside bread coffin. Fill with Spinach Dip Seasoning.
  5. Place on serving tray with dippers. Enjoy if you dare!